Moira Duggan


Moira was born and raised in Bolton Lancashire, England, and moved to South Africa in 1974, immediately falling in love with the diversity of the sunny country.

She is a great lover of Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation. She does wellness volunteer work conducting a group of ladies through these arts practices.

Moira is a warm individual, who personally keeps the guesthouse serene gardens with water features, chimes and bird feeders. She started Sleepeezy Cottages in 2005.

Her vision of hospitality is to welcome people in a clean and calm place, where they can feel at home, be tranquil and private, while having a taste of what South Africa has to offer after long travels or business activities.

Moira will be pleased to welcome you and to help in any way she can. You will see her around during breakfast time or in the gardens.

Feel free to meet her at the reception in the case you need something.

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